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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Island Ice & Water  617 Lower Mill Bay Rd   Kodiak, AK

Providing an Eco Friendly alternative for ice and filtered water needs. This Ice and Water is provided with very little environmental impact.


Our Filtered Water falls from the pristine sky over Kodiak Island and in to the public water system, so it starts out quite pure. It is then filtered at the machine with a 5 stage filtration system to provide you with ultra pure water vended in 5 gallon quantities. The filtration system is monitored carefully insuring a consistent flow of high-quality product.

   WATER:  5 gallons for  $2.75

The filtered water is being frozen into cubes daily to provide a high quality source of fresh ice.

    ICE: 10 lbs.  for $3.00 

Local water is filtered and frozen here on the Island using the 98% renewable electrical power provided by Kodiak Electric Association. There's plenty of water coming out of the sky on the Emerald Island. There is no water being shipped here, the only things that are shipped in are filters.

We hope people will appreciate the opportunity to add to our favorable treatment of the environment and support the reduction of throw-away bags and water bottles by providing their own re-usable 5 gallon  water bottles and re-usable ice containers .

Plastic bags will not be provided for ice purchases from January 2020 forward. Not only will this policy reduce our ecological footprint further but it could very possibly save the lives of a few sea creatures. They say that we are approaching the day when there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! We refuse to be a part of that horrifying statistic.

Sometimes, by accident, plastic bags get away from the most conscientious citizens. Accidentally or carelessly, the consequences can be just as tragic for a sea turtle that mistakes that ice bag for a tasty jelly fish.

We carry a 5 gallon bucket (with a lid) in the trunk of our car. You can usually get about 20 pounds of ice, two vends, to fit in it . They don't cost much or take up too much space and with the lid secured the bucket stays clean until you need it. (A bucket with lid sells for less than $6 at Walmart)

Or, if you must use bags, you can buy your own at Amazon.com and other places. Carry some 10 lb. bags with you. And please dispose of them properly when you're finished with them.

(Like frozen bags of ice our cubes will tend to freeze together if they are put in a freezer (refrozen). Simply knock the cubes loose and return to freezer quickly to store separated cubes. )

                Fair Prices:

                Ice at 30 cents a pound is approximately 40 percent lower than other consistently stocked ice freezers on the island.

                Our quality Filtered Water at 55 cents a gallon is pretty hard to beat as well.


                The machine accepts coins from nickels to Susan B. Anthony dollars and bills from $1.00 to $20.00. There is no card reader at this time.

Machines don't always work perfectly.

We don’t have any employees, that’s the main reason we can afford to sell filtered water and ice at our current low prices. This also means that the machine is only  checked periodically.  

Unfortunately, things go wrong, sometimes for totally unexpected reasons. Who would expect someone to put a visibly bent (change of shape) quarter with a hole drilled in it (change of weight) in the coin slot. Of course, that coin blocked the coin slot for everyone that followed. We finally discovered there was a problem and fixed it. If your deposit does not register on the LCD screen your money is not being accepted, please do not put any more in, use one of the contact methods below to let us know there is a problem.

The bottom line is that we can’t be at the machine 24/7 so it’s important for people to tell us immediately when something is not working as it should. We want to provide our service at the most reasonable prices possible so if you would please text us at 907-654-4002 to report problems it would be very helpful. If you need to call instead of texting for some reason, please leave a message at the same phone number.

We might not get a service call for a long period of time but when something does happen it’s crucial that we know of the problem asap. We'd like to fix it before other people have trouble too. Thanks!

Cold weather makes it very difficult to keep the water flowing. We will try and keep it flowing when the temperature is near or above freezing. When the temperature is lower than that we may have no choice but to temporarily shut down water service. Sorry.


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